Jess Beard
Inner Alchemist

Archetypal Empowerment Coach, Healer & Wealth Strategist.

I help beautiful priestesses, healers, psychics, astrologers, akashic readers, sound therapists, coaches, health experts, 
shamans, mystics, starseeds, lightworkers and anyone on the amazing journey of helping others.

My divine clients who are called to work with me, resonate with what I have to say and the vibration I carry.

I am here to activate and empower as many people who are also on the path of service. 
The more I can help empower and change their lives…the more they go forth and change others too.
It is the most divine ripple effect and being of service brings me such utter soul joy.
Lets connect.


I’m Jess Beard

I am a Spiritual Business Coach and Archetypal Teacher. I have a number of different coaching programs I take me client on. One is an Archetypal Empowerment course with over 30 hrs of video and teachings in its curriculum.

This is deep shadow work, where you learn how to face and heal your sabotaging patterns and step up into your pure sovereign self so you can live an empowered life full of purpose. 

I also offer spiritual business coaching. This is designed for those who are just starting out and do not know what systems they need to get into place. I assess peoples natural talents and strengths to create unique marketing strategies. 

I have an online curriculum that will help people create content that deeply connects with their audience and advice on how to market with Facebook, Instagram and Podcasting for example. It is fantastic to get a coach when you first start out because it saves you from wasting your time and making costly mistakes.

I often customize and can merge the two coaching programs together for those who want to be a healer, coach, teacher, psychic, astrologer etc but have self sabotaging issues to heal while also taking action to build their business.

What I Do

Private 1:1 Coaching

Are you a healer, starseed, psychic,
mystic, coach, akashic reader and you
are struggling to own your gifts and 
talents? Are you letting your sabotaging
patterns control you?

Are you wanting to start a your own
spiritual Business but don’t know how
to start….do you want to sell in a Sacred
Way and not feel Sleazy? 



Content Consultation

Is your messaging off? Do you know that
you have a service or product which can 
help change peoples lives. Are you putting 
yourself out there and getting no sales?

Your messaging or branding might be off
point and not connecting with your audience. 
I take people through a 90 min consultation 
and give you free lifetime access to my 
Content Creatrix online course.


Online Courses

I have multiple online courses:

*Content Creatrix Online Course
*Marketing Basics & Facebook Fundamentals
*Full Coaching Curriculum

Contact me for latest special


I have been wanting to step and move through fear, health issues and visibility for quite some time. My coaching sessions with Jess have had a huge impact in a short time.

I’ve had more traction in 4 weeks with Jess, than in the last 6 months navigating this on my own.

Jess’s unique perspective and ability to activate my inner courage has seen things really ramp up. I’ve particularly embraced the archetypes teachings, as I find them easy to identify with. Pracitual advice, support and guidance. I am eternally grateful for my connection with Jess.

Nicole Farrar

Jess has a way with helping you look into a mirror and wash away everything that distorts your perceptions of yourself. The good, the bad, gifted and ‘icky’ are on display and then she works her magic. 

You will rekindle a relationship with yourself and navigate new depths of self discovery that push you to attain goals and other personal achievements.Because Jess is damn good at calling you on your BS and blowing all your smoke and mirror tricks away.

Being armed with Jess in your corner is a must if you seriously want to grip life by the balls and own all your shit and take it to a new level.

Cailyn Cave

Jess, you nailed it! After only 1hr, my life has got a new lens and I’ve shifted my perspective into and empowering one. I’m blown away by all the A-ha! moments I have had on our coaching call – Things I have not been able to articulate into words, you did for me in a gentle and powerful way. I feel validated, seen and met.

This puts my years of therapy to shame. It’s amazing what you can see and interpret in a way that is tangible for me to really hear (especially the ‘hard’ stuff). I’m super grateful for our passion, your commitment and stand for empowering relationships. Jess is a beautiful soul and a true alchemist

Ozlem Peron

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